Fifi and fifty others dance Khaliji

August 23, 2008 at 11:09 am (Belly Dancing) (, , , , , , , )

or would that be… Khaleegy… Khaleege… Khaleji… Khaleejy…

anyway, starting with the Fifi Abdo Khaliji Video and going on for many many more… check the VodPod link. 

Also men dancing khaliji style and more Ouled Nail videos.

happy viewing!

– Aziza


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Blah Blah Blog

August 9, 2008 at 11:31 pm (Belly Dancing) (, , , , )

Andy Warhol said we’d each get our fifteen minutes of fame.  On the Internet anyone can get that fifteen minutes… and they can get it every day. 

The internet is a fabulous place… it’s the land of “Express Yourself!” 

Even if you have nothing to say.

< sigh >

Welcome to my blog…

It’s about belly dancing, performance, being a student or a teacher, changing your world or your mind or yourself.  There’s information about the dance and dancers, videos and music, and how to get past your fears.  It’s about making magic on stage and in your life. 

In case you don’t already know me (perhaps my fifteen minutes didn’t extend to you), I’m a Belly Dancer.  I’ve been one for more than 30 years, danced in restaurants and clubs, at private parties and posh homes, hotels and on cruise ships, for family events and conventions of thousands.  I’ve won national awards and taught thousands of students, some of whom have become performers in their own right, and some have become teachers.  A few have taught students who’ve become performers and teachers as well.

And in my other life, I’m an Engineer.  I design life support and other medical equipment, test it, and get it through the FDA.

In my (very spare) spare time, I have draft horses, I garden, I paint, and I keep sheep and bees. (Yes, the kind with stingers.  And honey.  And yes, I have the little bee-suit that makes me look like a space alien.  I rather like the effect.)

Belly Dancing, Engineering, bees… yes, it’s a little odd, living in my brain.  Fortunately I’m married to a wise and gentle man who’s entertained by it all.

Sometimes a student asks me something and we have what turns into a fairly profound discussion.  Or at least *I* think we do.  Sometimes those chats make me think a bit more on the subject.  Sometimes I even write it down.   Hope you’ll find something interesting, useful, educational or entertaining here. 

If you’re new to blogs, you’ll see a list of links posted on the right under She Said…  newest posts at the top.  You’ll also find a link where you can subscribe in case you want an email when I add new posts.  You’ll find the main entry point to the blog here.

Welcome to a Belly Dancer’s Mind.

– Aziza

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