Aziza Sa’id

So this is me, writing about me… don’t you just hate doing that? Writing about yourself and blatant self promotion… but then, if you’re here and you’re reading my blog, maybe you do want to know a bit about me.  So here you go…

I’m a Middle Eastern Belly Dancer, Performer, Teacher, Coach.  I’ve been teaching for over 30 years and currently teach in Riverside, California.  I’ve been the featured dancer at a variety of Greek, Persian and Arabic restaurants and clubs throughout Southern California for more than 15 years.  I’ve worked at ren faires and restaurants, private parties and huge conventions.  I’ve taught seminars and performed throughout the US and occasionally internationally.  I’ve been featured on TV and in the news.  I’ve written chapters for books on belly dance and have been a regular contributor to a variety of dance journals.  In 2001, I won the MEDINA Middle Eastern Dance In North America competition.

Someone once wrote this about me:

“Aziza Sa’id is widely recognized for her powerful, joyous, and fiery style, her dramatic range and her capacity for creating unforgettable feeling in her audiences.  Her performance styles range from folkloric to cabaret, from stately Egyptian and soulful taksims to sassy Turkish Karsilama and hot-blooded Flamenco fusion.  Regardless of the style, Aziza’s passion, humor and charisma always come through.“

I teach a wide variety of styles and props as well as sophisticated zill work and drumming.  My classes include precision movement, music interpretation skills, performance techniques and development of emotional range and expression.

My focus as a teacher is helping each dancer develop his or her own style on a foundation of solid skills and an understanding of Middle Eastern music and culture. 

As a coach, I work to create breakthroughs and a significant shift the student’s understanding and ability to use the music, their feeling, their creativity and their bodies.

In addition to Middle Eastern Dance I’ve trained in Flamenco and Hula and taught Ballroom Dancing full time for several years.

In my other life I’m an Engineer, designing, developing and testing medical and life-support equipment and getting it approved through the FDA. 

I am a writer, photographer, artist.  I keep draft horses, sheep, geese and bees.  I’ve ridden jumpers and dressage and am learning to drive a wagon.   I read tarot and tea leaves and palms.  I have trained with Huna masters and an Apache shaman.

I speak a little French and less Spanish, play several instruments badly and I never sing where anyone might hear me (for which we should all be grateful).

And finally, after several false starts, I’m married to the right man.
Life is good.  Let’s Dance.

Aziza Sa’id




You can find me teaching here:


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  1. fairygothmother said,

    Aziza Sa’id IS the best of the best! That is why she is my mentor and life coach.

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