Aziza’s Classes

About Aziza…

Aziza Sa’id has over 30 years as a Middle Eastern Belly Dance performer and teacher.  She brings her passion for the dance, and her love of teaching to every class.  A skilled and generous teacher, Aziza helps each student to develop their skills and find their own personal style in a fun and supportive environment.

Winner of the 2001 Middle Eastern Dance in North America competition, Aziza has been featured on cable TV shows and appears on several highly acclaimed videos.  She has been a regular contributor to a variety of Mid-Eastern Dance publications for over 20 years, is a contributing author for a number of books on belly dancing.  Aziza Sa’id is the author of the soon-to-be-released Black Belt in Belly Dance Certification Program.

As a performer, Aziza Sa’id is widely recognized for her powerful, joyous, and fiery style, her dramatic range and her capacity for creating unforgettable feeling in her audiences. Her performance styles range from folkloric to cabaret, from stately Egyptian and soulful taksims to sassy Turkish Kashlimar and hot-blooded Gypsy and Flamenco fusion. Regardless of the style, Aziza’s passion, humor, charisma and love of the dance always come through.  Aziza teaches and performs regularly throughout Southern California and the United States.With over 4000 performances to her credit, she has been the featured dancer at a wide range of Greek, Arabic, Persian, and Indian restaurants throughout Southern California.


All Classes at Anahata Movement Arts,  3742 Tibbetts St., Suite 202, Riverside, CA 92506

For information on classes, on our professional troupe Scimitar Dance Company or our student performance group The Cleopatra Club, contact Aziza or call (877) 30-gypsy.


7:30-8:45 pm — Belly Dance Strengthen – Aziza Sa’id
8:30-10 pm –Tribal Belly Dance – Aziza Sa’id


6-7:15 pm — Intermediate Belly Dance – Zaheen Sa’id


8:50 Retro Choreography Belly Dance~Asha Sa’id


7:30-8:30 pm — Belly Dance Choreography – Aziza Sa’id
8:45-10 pm — Scimitar Performance Group – Aziza Sa’id


12-1:15 pm — Beginner Belly Dance – Asha Sa’id


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