The Cleopatra Club

The Cleopatra Club

The Cleopatra Club is a Pro-Am Middle Eastern Belly Dance performance company based in Riverside, CA.  Under the direction of Aziza Sa’id, Asha Sa’id and Etoile, The Cleopatra Club presents exciting, dynamic performances in a variety of styles.  One to 25 dancers are available for your special event.  Performers in this group include professional dancers, beginning professionals, and advanced student performers.

Performances include:

Aziza with Turkish Spoons

  • Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese, and American style performances
  • Traditional, Folkloric, Fusion and Cabaret
  • Debke, Khaleegy, Guedra and other folk and cultural dances
  • Veil, Double Veil, Sword, Scimitar, Fire and Candelabra dances
  • Mini-seminars, custom classes, lecture and demo, and shows with a mini-lessons
  • Audience participation
  • Special Events
  • Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Cultural Events and Festivals
  • Drumming and Live Music is available


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